Time Twins

I’m travelling the world, meeting people born on the same day as me.
Are you one of these ‘Time Twins’?

I’m currently travelling around the world, meeting Time Twins on my way!

To date, I have met Time Twins in

  • USA
  • UK
  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Netherlands
  • Latvia
  • Austria
  • Australia
  • Croatia
  • Slovenia
  • Italy
  • Ireland.

My current travel plans are:

  • Australia: Jan to Feb 2014
  • New Zealand Feb 2014
  • Other places to follow!

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Richard meets 3 Time Twins in Sydney www.culturpology.com on Vimeo.

Sydney Photoshoot from www.culturpology.com on Vimeo.


Richard is interviewed by the Sydney Morning Herald.

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About the project

In most ways the 1st of December 1974 was a day like any other. It was the day
Jacqueline Hansen ran the fastest women’s marathon in history; the day a huge
snowstorm hit Toledo and the day that an airliner crashed in Virgina. But for me,
it was the little Scottish town of Dumfries that was more important that day, as
it is there that I was born.

I was not alone in being born on that day. Families across the world celebrated
their new additions on that day 39 years ago. But what kinds of lives have these
people lived? With the same length of time on this planet as me, what have they
achieved? What have been their greatest achievements; and what are their burning
ambitions? Do they see themselves as young, middle aged or old? Have they
achieved their defining moment, or is that still to come? Are they married with
children, or single, backpacking round the world? Are they successful – and how
is this judged? How have their lives been affected by the accident of geography
that led them to be born where they were? Is our age a defining similarity, or
does the concept of age change from country to country?

The project, and the book we’re producing, is examining the similarities and
differences of the lives of people born around the world on the same day as us;
their perceptions of age and success; how the place of their birth determines
these things and how people with the same length of time on the Earth have such
different lives.

It also examines the events that have shaped their lives, the issues that
they care about and their hopes and concerns for the future, both on a personal
and political level. The book will, ultimately be a celebration of cultural
diversity and of human achievement in all its forms.

This is the story of my search for these TimeTwins. The quest to find and
meet those other folk across the world for which the 1st December 1974 will
be forever important.

Recent Time Twins..

February 11, Adelaide, Australia

I had the pleasure of meeting Time Twin Brett in the South Australian capital: Adelaide. Over a few lemonades I was enthralled, listening to him describe the life of a touring punk musician, the terrifying dangers of surfingin the Southern Ocean and about the underground music and arts scene in Adelaide. Speaking to Brett reinforced the fact that, at 39, us Time Twins are still young enough to change our career paths. I wish him every success in the double degree he has just started and in the career that this will lead to, and I thank him for taking the time to meet us and share his lifestory.

Brett and I, Adelaide

Brett and I, Adelaide

February 7 – 8 2014, Mildura – Broken Hill – Mildura, Australia

On the  7th February we were in the rural city of Mildura, 240km north of Horsham. Local TV station WIN News Mildura had contacted us in advance of our arrival, so at 9am we were being interviewed on the banks of the Murray River, at the beautiful Mildura Wharf.  Now, Mildura has a population of 30,000 people, so the chance of meeting a Time Twin here, even with the aid of WIN News was remote, so after the interview we headed through the desert to Broken Hill – three hours North.  As we settled down for dinner, I received not one but two communications from Time Twins in Mildura who had just seen the news article and wanting to meet. Only one option. First thing the next morning we were back in the car, shooing the goats and emus off the otherwise largely deserted highway as we hurried back to Mildura..
The first Time Twin we met was Mick, who was accompanied by his family.  He had seen the end of the news broadcast and had realised that although he was born on 2 December 1974, he still qualified as a Time Twin.  ’How?’ you may ask. Well, as Jeremy Lee had previously identified when he interviewed me on his show on ABC South West Victoria, if you were born in Australia in the early hours of December 2 1974, that would have been December 1 1974 in the UK. Therefore, no doubt about it, he is a Time Twin.  Hurrah!

We had a fascinating chat about his lifelong love of music and being a musician, his experiences living in different towns across Australia, his vocation and life in Mildura.

Mick and I

Mick and I

Shortly after we said our goodbyes to Mick, we met Craig.  Like Mick, Craig had seen the interview on WIN News and was interested to take part in the project.  Craig works in horticulture, running a block that grows table grapes for the export market.  It was fascinating to learn about the economic and meteorological pressures on the farming industry in rural Victoria,  his experiences and the recent changes in his worldview and his perceptions of the town/country dynamic in Mildura.

Craig and I

Craig and I

We sincerely thank Craig, Mick and his family for meeting us and for taking part in the project . It was a real pleasure to meet them all and have such a fun, fascinating afternoon.


February 6 2014, Horsham, Victoria, Australia

After the vibrant cities of Sydney and Melbourne, we headed into the great Victorian countryside, past fields and little townships and then through the beautiful Grampians National Park.  We met Time Twin Jock in the Victorian Hotel in Horsham, a tranquil city of 14,000 in the Wimmera Region: the principle breadbasket of Victoria.  Over lunch we learnt about the freedom of country life, the differences between urban and rural Australia, Jock’s life as a family man, managing director of Small Aire, speedway driver and his passion for fishing and country pursuits.  Huge thanks to Jock for his time and also thanks to the Horsham Tourist Office for giving us a great insight into the city and its surroundings.


February 2 2014, Camberwell, Victoria, Australia

Early Sunday morning saw us heading out of central Melbourne to meet up with Time Twin #20, Emilie, at a coffee shop in Camberwell. Had fascinating discussions about science, free will, politics, identity, travel and much more over coffees and lunch and then exploring the eclectic stalls at Camberwell Sunday Market. Huge thanks to Emilie for her hospitality.

Emilie and I

Emilie and I

February 1 2014, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Saturday evening saw us meeting Time Twin #19: Ladelle and her husband, Warren, at Starbucks in Melbourne CBD.  The Sydney Morning Herald was responsible, again, for the meeting. Warren had read the article and had excitedly passed on the news to Ladélle.  It was genuinely touching to see how excited they both were about participating in the project and it was  a lovely evening chatting with them both.

Ladélle and I
Ladélle and I

January 31 2014, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Goodbye Sydney and hello to Melbourne.  This evening Stuart and I met Time Twin Chris at the very English sounding Mitre Tavern in the CBD.  Chris had also heard of the project from the Sydney Morning Herald article – although second-hand, as it was a friend in Sydney who read it and then let him know.  Had a really fun chat about Melbournian’s love of sport, Australian identity, travel and success over a few beers.

Time Twin Chris and I
Chris and I

January 28 2014, Burwood Heights, New South Wales, Australia

Two days after meeting three Time Twins at the Opera House, I visited Burwood Heights in Western Sydney to meet Time Twin Mary Anne, who also heard about the project from the Sydney Morning  Herald.  We met at Killa Burger Grill - one of the companies that Mary Anne and her husband run.  Alas, my gluten intolerance did not allow me to sample the burgers, but Stuart was a valiant stand-in and attempted (and to be honest, narrowly failed) to win the Killa Challenge!  Jess Husband accompanied Stuart and I to meet Mary Anne – and took this great picture

Mary Anne 1 watermark
Mary Anne and I outside Killa Burger Grill

January 27 2014, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

In January 2014, after a short hiatus I once again met some Time Twins. After significant media interest in the project since my arrival in Australia in early January, I met not one, but three Sydneysider Time Twins at the Sydney Opera House. One of the Time Twins, Genevieve, is a teacher, whilst Alison and Lynley are both lawyers.

Sydneysider Time Twins

(l-r) Alison, Genevieve, Richard and Lynley

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