Have you ever wondered how your life might have turned out if you’d been born somewhere else? Do the same things that matter to you matter to someone else the other side of the world?

I am meeting people around the world born on exactly the same day as me – 1st December 1974.

I was challenged to meet 40 Time Twins from as diverse lives as possible before I reach my 40th birthday. I am looking to go beyond this target and meet Time Twins from as many cultural backgrounds as possible.

This is the Time Twins project.

The project is about exploring how peoples circumstances, locations and heritages impact upon their lives.  The aim is not to compare life against life, but to develop a clearer understanding of what matters to people of different ways of life around the world.

It has been described as “a unique social experiment”. I have a conversation with each Time Twin to discover what matters to them. We talk about their way of life, their achievements,  their goals,  the challenges they face and their views on success and happiness? The Time Twins are witnesses to their cultural environment and the meetings provide a unique record of life across the world.

What is a Time Twin?

Time Twins are people born on exactly the same day. It must be exactly the same day, month and year in order for the person to be a Time Twin.

Along with the rest of the team, I am writing a book and planning to make a documentary about the people we meet and my adventures with my Time Twins.