Frequently Asked Questions

What is the project?

I am meeting my ‘Time Twins’: people born on the same day as me: 1 December 1974. Why am I doing that, you may ask? Is it just some sort of stunt? Is it a silly-season news story like ‘cat up a tree’? At face value, the project is about a man meeting people born on the same day as him. But the project has a lot more to it. It explores how people around the world live their lives. It asks certain fundamental questions about why people do what they do, what we mean by success and what people care about. The project has been described as “a unique social experiment”.

Why not just stay in London and meet Time Twins?

Although I was challenged to meet 40 Time Twins by my 40th birthday, one of the stipulations is that the Time Twins I meet must come from as diverse background as possible. The project also looks at the different cultures each Time Twin comes from, so visiting their home towns and cities around the world is an important aspect of the project.

What will I do once I have met these Time Twins?

The Culturpology team and I are writing a book about the lifestyles of the Time Twins I meet and what we learn. We are also looking to make a documentary about the project.

How did the project come about?

In my mid-30s I started to consider what I was doing with my life. Was I successful? Young, middle aged or old? How do these things change in different societies around the world? Only one way to find out: lets go and find people born on the same day and ask them.

I told my friends about his idea to meet people born on the same day as him and they challenged me to meet 40 Time Twins from as diverse backgrounds as possible before my 40th birthday. The gauntlet was laid down and the challenge duly accepted .

At this time, it was impossible to know whether or not such a challenge was feasible given the problems of location and meeting Time Twins, let alone the financial costs.

How is the project being funded?

I am currently paying for the project myself – although I am actively looking for companies to partner us.

2 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Hi…saw you on the Gold Coast news. My daughter was born 29th November, 1974….just misses out. Are you still interested in contacting her though?

    Great project and good luck with it…

    Cheers. Tracey

  2. hi,
    I am Alvin soh from kuala lumpur.just saw the news about u looking for time twins.i am born on the same day as u there anywhere I can help u with the project.u may contact me via email.looking forward to chat with u soon.
    thank you


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