Encouraging cultural adventures in the UK and around the world

It’s easy to let life slip by and get caught up in routine. Many people feel the urge to break away from day-to-day life and experience something different, make new friends, expand their horizons or travel the world.

Rather than wait for life to happen to you, take it by the scruff of the neck and explore your cultural horizons. In years to come you may well forget the month you spent watching TV in your pajamas while eating microwaved food. But you never forget that time you rode with the Bedouin, or your first opera, or when you ate Beshbarmak with new-found Kazakh friends.

Culturpology was created to encourage people to try new experiences, whether at home or through travel.

It has been said that the world has been explored and that there are few great adventures left. We refute that sentiment. The greatest adventures can be cultural adventures. Through conversation, travel, music, dance, the arts, cuisine, sport, language, philosophy and history we can meet others, learn about the world and enrich our life experience.

Culturpology: Seeking to banish ignorance, misunderstanding, isolation, boredom and prejudice around the world