Would you like to be an official sponsor of the Time Twins project?

The Time Twins project receives lots of media coverage wherever we go, as the press page testifies and therefore presents a great opportunity for your company to get exposure in your region, or internationally.

People everywhere relate to the universal theme of trying to understand your place in the world. The project has attracted support from people interested in travel, different cultures, adventure and asking life’s big questions.

To date the project’s shoestring budget has been funded by me and members of the team. We have been contacted by Time Twins all across the world who would like to take part in the project and share their stories and their cultures. To make this happen we need to raise funds.

It is our ambition to involve as many Time Twins from as many locations in the project, but the scope of the project is much more than just meeting people.It is  an exploration of different lives around the world and has accurately been described as a unique sociological experiment.

The Time Twins project is a means to raise awareness of different cultures around the world and build greater understanding between communities. People can share a birthday regardless of their cultural heritage or upbringing. This connection can help to bring people together.

The Time Twins book and documentary aim to widen people’s understanding of how other people live their lives.

We are looking for local, national and international sponsors to help us meet Time Twins across the world before 1st December 2014. If you are interested in discussing this, please contact me at richard@timetwins.info.

These Great Companies have sponsored the Time Twins project so far:

Crowne Plaza Surfers Paradise
Wake to the sun rising over the Gold Coast beaches at Crowne Plaza Surfers Paradise