February 2014, Mildura, VIC, Australia. Meeting Time Twin #23 Craig

Craig and I

Craig and I in Mildura. Photograph: Stuart Scott/Culturpology

Shortly after we said our goodbyes to Mick, we met Craig.  Like Mick, Craig had seen the interview on WIN News and was interested to take part in the project.  Craig works in horticulture, running a block that grows table grapes for the export market.  It was fascinating to learn about the economic and meteorological pressures on the farming industry in rural Victoria,  his experiences and the recent changes in his worldview and his perceptions of the town/country dynamic in Mildura. We sincerely thank Craig, Mick and his family for meeting us and for taking part in the project . It was a real pleasure to meet them all and have such a fun, fascinating afternoon.