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Since the start of the project a little over 4 years ago Richard, Stuart, Geoff and Simon have travelled across the world, visited small remote towns, big cities, been made welcome at weddings and funerals, visited a major trying to rebuild a town hit by an earthquake, joined in celebrations, driven across the Australian outback and met a variety of fascinating people with open hearts and real stories. All born on the same day as Richard, 1st December 1974.

We’ve been writing a book of our travels, focussed around Richard’s original goal to meet 40 time twins by the time he’s 40. We are also looking into possible TV ideas, so are welcome for any interest in this area.

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Where did Richard go next? Who did he meet? Did he reach his target?

With his 40th birthday looming in just a few short weeks, Richard is now back in the UK. On the evening of 29th November 2014, with the rest of the Time Twins team, he’ll be hosting the Time Twin Birthday Extravaganza in central London. He’ll be joined by some of the Time Twins he’s met on his travels, who will be flying in specially for the occasion. Back in the city where it all started, Richard and the team will present the story of the project, and what happened after he left Vietnam…

If you’re a Time Twin or media who would like to come along to the event please email me on

Interview on Channel 7 TV’s ‘Sunrise’ programme

I had my first live TV interview today on Australia’s most popular breakfast TV  show Channel 7’s ‘Sunrise’. The interview went out this morning at 8:54am Australian Eastern Standard Time. I was interviewed by the show hosts David Koch and Samantha Armytage who closed the interview by inviting Richard back to update them on progress in the project!

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So, the target had been set – I am going to meet a Time Twin.  But who would reply to some random English man emailing them out of the blue saying ‘you were born on the same day: let’s meet’.  I paraphrase of course. Surely, anyone receiving such an email would assume it is spam, or some type of not particularly elaborate con to deprive them of their hard earned money. It was, therefore, with very little expectation of success that I emailed a film-maker, voice coach, actor and ‘cultural omnivore’ in New York City: Dan Parilis. To my incredible surprise and eternal gratitude, he not only replied, but was interested to meet in the Big Apple!  So in October 2011, I was USA bound: on the start of this Time Twin adventure. When we met,  Dan was just putting the finishing touches to his exciting debut feature film: Themes and Intermissions. Find out more about the movie, or his voice coaching, or just him.